Whatever got you here, something resonated..

And you’re CURIOUS


Whilst it’s fun blogging and sharing my “unique” perspective of life,

I’m first and foremost, a TRANSFORMATIVE COACH.

Yup, I’m in the business of transforming lives.


I teach clients how to look at their lives differently.
How to see their worlds with new eyes.


Because when you see your world differently, it changes.
And when that happens, You SHOW UP differently..

which means that..

Big mountains become little mole-hills.
What was previously terrifying, now becomes your next big adventure!
Quite simply, LIFE TRANSFORMS..!
(Which is the whole point, isn’t it?)


“I have seen what success looks like and experienced failure too.

Jacky has taught me wonderful tools that have helped me learn more about myself

and the power that I have to change the way I see things.

I’ve subsequently done things that I never dreamed I would!” – Cathy


So if you’re tired of your “normal”.
Or you feel like there should be MORE to life (but are not sure how to create it),
Well, you’re in the right place.


Find out more about working with me..


Learn how to SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE (in a fun way)


P.S. There’s a BONUS coaching session included..!