-All progress takes place outside the Comfort Zone- - Michael John Bobak

Hands up all of you who shiver with revolt at the thought of yet another round of New Year’s Resolutions to be made and adhered to..?

Let’s face it, we all know that statistically there are very few people who actually sustain these mad challenges we create for ourselves annually..

It’s a perverted version of Groundhog Day (or Year?).

If you hunker down, stay true and make it to February you’re brilliant! Cudos to you!

Most of us fail miserably within the first week of January. Why?

Because we’re still the same INSIDE! Internally nothing has changed.

Here’s the thing.

It’s impossible to change whatever it is you’re hating until you change how you FEEL about that exact hateful thing! In other words, change your perspective! See it differently!

You’ll never lose weight and sustain it if you persistently hate your body as it is.

You’ll never find that dream job if you persistently hate your current gig.

And so on..

Remember the expression “what we resist persists”..? it’s a Universal Law.

There was a time in my life when I was “stuck” in a job that I knew wasn’t for me. Every day felt like I was dragging 6 tractor-tyres behind me (metaphorically speaking of course).

It was a complete slog.

I felt stuck and frustrated with no options. Holy Cow..! How did I get here.???!

So I decided to stop resisting (refer to our lovely Universal Law above) and started to find the little things about my day that were fab.

The yummy tea breaks.

The drive to work listening to my favourite music.

I looked for the good in all the people I worked with.

And of course, I felt heaps of gratitude for my paycheck!

It wasn’t easy at first but I had nothing to lose. I dug deep and persisted!

For one thing, I started feeling better. Happier. More optimistic. I found myself inspired to study further, in a new line of work. Wow!

Fast forward 6 months and I changed careers, moved towns and live very comfortably on a wine farm (I know, right..?)

So how does this tie into our lovely resolutions that we famously never keep every year?

Well, who needs to wait for the New Year?

Take stock of where you are right now. Figure out what you’re resisting in your world and find a way – any way – to love that thing!

Find some value in it and start to love it. If you’re not able to love it just yet then just start to feel better about it. Find one little thing at a time that you can appreciate and whenever you find yourself shifting back into unhappiness focus only on that one little thing and FEEL the appreciation.

Start to find parts of yourself that you love. Your hair, or your nails, or even your ear lobe!

Make your work environment more fun! Laugh more, buy a plant for your desk, or have your favourite tea/coffee on hand for your tea break!

Make feeling better a habit.

Just shift.

The rest will take care of itself.

I know. I have evidence that it works!

It’s all about perspective.

Change it! It’ll rock your world..

Happy 2016!