One of the highlights of my day is when I take my dogs for a meander around the farm.

They love it. I love it.

I always feel a tinge of envy when I observe their ability to focus so completely on the sounds and movements around them. They notice every movement within our immediate surroundings always ready and expectant for an adventure with whatever exciting creature may appear.

Dogs completely live in the moment.

100% focus on the now.

And when the creature disappears or the birds fly away there’s no despondency or regret, they simply move on to the expectancy of the next adventure.


Most amusing is when they find a mole hole. This is the Holy Grail..!

Excitement, expectation and joy prevail as they both dig in with complete abandon. Dirt sprays out behind them as they completely lose themselves in this game of hide and seek.

They’ve never actually caught a mole yet their enthusiasm never wanes. Ever.

Each mole hole is attacked with the same enthusiasm and anticipation as the previous one.

The glee and happiness is palpable..!

Simply inspiring..

Sometimes our best teachers are right in front of us.

We just need to look..