What does the word “Abundance” mean to you..?

It was a scary word to me. It represented what I didn’t have.

It was a word I always associated with money. Or lack of it..

There was a particularly dismal period in my adult life made significant by the distinct LACK of abundance in every form but, yes, predominantly money. Unfortunately..

I remember the heaviness of that lack. The hopelessness. The self-worth that slowly seeped away.

And naturally I felt like a complete failure..

Yup, in those days I identified with my external environment. My circumstances dictated my feelings. Well they do. Don’t they..?

No job + no income = no good feelings. At all.

It was a vicious circle really. The more I entertained the bad thoughts (and there were many) the worse I felt. Cue complete lack of self-worth.

My journey out of this self-made little abyss of misery was not a quick one. But here’s what I eventually realized:

My thoughts dictate how I feel.

Read that again s-l-o-w-l-y..

This meant that if I focused my thoughts on pleasant things I would naturally feel better.
And if I felt better then my external environment would follow suit.

Re-read that too. It’s common sense really..

Sounds simple – but as with any habit it takes lashings of conscious effort to make any sustainable changes. Especially when it comes to our thoughts..!

I mean, thoughts just happen – don’t they? Can we really control our thinking..?

Well we can certainly choose which thoughts we entertain. Or engage with.

We can notice which thoughts give us a good feeling. And which make us feel crappy.

And then we can choose where to put our focus.

Try it..! I dare you..

You’ll be amazed..!

And you’ll feel GOOD..!

And maybe you’ll also REALIZE that abundance is actually a FEELING.
A feeling of FULLNESS.
About anything.
And everything.


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