Those within my inner circle will testify (very loudly) to the fact that when e-readers first burst forth into out literary worlds I was VEHEMENTLY resistant.

Very vehemently..!

Whilst some of my close friends and family basked in the convenience of their newly-acquired e-readers I had my own little pedestal for preaching the virtues of REAL books and REAL book stores.

Owners of E-readers were declared traitors and defeaters to the cause..! Very loudly..!

How can you lose yourself amongst the rows and rows of un-read possibilities as you browse vacantly whilst savouring the rich aroma of freshly printed paper – on an e-reader..?


And lets not forget that you get to place a real book on your book shelf and savor the sight of it for many years to come.. Isn’t that important..?

Well I thought it was..

At the time..

And then I moved to the country.

The closest bookshop is 65 km’s away. And it’s really small. And it doesn’t have the genres that I like.

There’s a local library too. But that’s also really small. And ditto the genre issue.

Luckily, I have friends with insight (you know who you are..)

And one of the gifts I was given before I moved was, yup, an e-reader.

And I confess..

I’ve crossed over to the other side.

I’m officially a traitor.

I LOVE my e-reader. Unconditionally. With all my heart..

And for all the reasons I initially resisted it.

So what’s the upshot here..?

Things change. And our values change with them.

And it’s okay (and sometimes hard) to admit it.

We grow, and expand our ideas.

We see new perspectives.

Opportunities too..

And that’s ok. In fact it’s good!

All the time..

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