I was never really a morning person. Is anyone..? Ever?

Waaaay back in my corporate days I remember stealing every last minute of sleep before that dreaded time where you simply had to get up and start yet another day.

I hated happy people in the morning. I mean, seriously..? HOW can you feel good so early..!

It’s just wrong..

Granted, in those days I worked for money. My job was just that – a job. There was no “loving what I do”. It was just simply doing-the-right-thing to pay the bills.

Life was beige.

I thought that was normal.

So if you had asked me then “what makes me get up in the morning”? Apart from my alarm clock, it was simply the fact that I needed to be at work by 8am.

Uninspiring. No depth. Just fact.

These days it’s different.

I wake up at around 5am every day. Yup, EVERY day.

On my own WITHOUT an alarm clock.

On purpose..!

And I’m glad. And enthusiastic. Because it means I can make some tea and start my day. Yay! (and that’s not a fake yay..)

What’s changed is that I now LOVE what I do. And where I live. So why would I not be excited to start each new day?

So ask yourself the question:

“What makes you get up every day?”

And be HONEST..!

It’s very revealing..

If you’d rather avoid the question (that’s ok) then you simply HAVE to watch this – it’s 20 mins long so perfect for your lunch-break.. (scroll to the bottom of the link to watch the video, it’s really worth it..!)

NOW are you inspired..?