I popped into our local vet the other day. I’d run out of cow hooves (brilliant as non-stinky chewies) and my two furry children had taken to staring balefully at me at every opportunity. Or so it seemed.

Whilst I was paying for said hooves, my attention was drawn to the resident cat.

This is no normal cat. She’s lost the use of the lower half of her body so she scoots around by pulling herself along with her two front legs.

Now I’m  betting your immediate reaction to this is “ahhh shame..”? If I was reading this it would be..

But let me put your minds at ease – this dear kitty was completely in her element. Not only was she able to access most of the places normal kitties would (ok, climbing trees wasn’t an option) but she was incredibly quick about it too!

It got me thinking about how we habitually label things in everyday life. We see things that are “unique” or different and immediately label them as wrong. Or sad.

This habit is not unusual. Or wrong. It’s just part of the human experience.


In this act of labeling aren’t we, in fact, vastly limiting our experience?

I stood watching this dear little creature scooting  around happily and marveled at the brilliance of her attitude and ability. This felt really GOOD. (and you know I’m ALL for feeling good..!)

The alternative? I could have watched with anguish and pity and wished things were different for her – but this would have felt (yup) BAD..

Two very different experiences. And both are a matter of choice.

Neither of these options makes the slightest difference to this sweet little feline. She simply gets on with life. This is her norm and she clearly has no issue with it. In her world it wasn’t “wrong”, it just “is”.

Complete acceptance.

She may or may not remember what it was like to have the use of 4 legs but she doesn’t wallow in that – simply makes the most of her current circumstances.

I watched in awe..