consumerismI recently read an article  which noted that Millennials (young adults under 35) are more likely to get their kicks from experiences than from accumulating stuff. That’s apparently what we – the X-Generation – do. We accumulate things in order to feel good. Or accomplished.

Things like cars. Or gadgets. Or clothes. Anything that would entice you into your closest shopping mall.

Yet apparently these Millenials would far rather spend money on a good meal at a new restaurant and then take a “selfie” to record the experience.

Could it be that they’ve mastered the art of “living in the moment”..?

And isn’t that something we X’ies are desperately trying to learn?

We’ve always been taught that we need to work hard to be successful. And that part of the evidence of being successful equated to what you possessed. How big your house is. What posh new car you drive.

Our possessions and accumulated “stuff” is what essentially defines us.

I remember buying my first brand new car.

It was a Mini Cooper and it was lovely and shiny. Straight off the production line and to my exact specifications. And it was expensive.

Yup. NOW I had arrived.

It had that lovely “new car” smell. And I remember driving it home and feeling such elation and pride. A satisfying sense of achievement.

And yet, within a few weeks of driving it to work and back every day, it became just another possession. Just a vehicle to get me from A to B.

Just another item that I was indebted to pay off for years to come. And there were no feelings of elation and pride in that. Or achievement. Just a heaviness.

Yup, it’s an extreme example. Not all our acquisitions are that expensive or burdensome. But it’s also the truth of our current thinking. Of acquiring yet more.

Maybe the lesson here is to keep it simple.

Maybe an “experience” is just more fun to have. It could definitely be cheaper.

There’s no right or wrong here. Either way, we should define ourselves not by our possessions. Nor by our experiences. But by striving to be the best versions of who we REALLY are. Without any external interference. Or stuff.

In the moment.

ALL the time.

And that comes from WITHIN.

No exceptions.

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