One of the many epiphanies I had over the course of 2015 (and there were many!) was that life was complicated ONLY because I made it so.

It’s that simple.

And in line with this nugget of wisdom, I began an intriguing and life-altering process of simplification.

Now those from my inner circle know that if I make changes they tend to be fairly radical. In this case, simplifying my life involved changing my career, my address and (inevitably) my relationship.

But I won’t bore you with the career/relationship chapters of this life-makeover (I’ll save those for another blog). This musing is all about un-cluttering. Letting go of STUFF. De-layering (yup, that’s a made-up word).

And so, on a whim, I sold my house.

Now for those believers in “signs from the Universe”, I got them loud and clear! My house sold within 48 hours. Cash offer. Full price. Boom.. (and yes, I was wide-eyed with OMG-shock for a good few hours..). No turning back.

I’d been living in that house for 15 years. That’s 15 years of “stuff” that I’d slowly and unwittingly collected. But I was determined that I wanted to simplify my life and that started with un-cluttering my physical existence.

Firstly, I needed somewhere to live. My intention was crystal clear in my mind.

Simplicity was my order to the Universe.

It delivered. Beautifully.

I found a cosy cabin on a wine farm in the country in one of the most beautiful valleys in the region. And it was ve-ery cosy. 40 square metres of cosy.

I embraced it excitedly and set about off-loading my belongings. And I was ruthless.

I kept my bed, a couch, my desk and washing machine. I then bought 10 plastic storage containers within which I was to pack everything else I was keeping. That’s all. Just 10. And it included my clothes.

Well, it was a lot easier than I thought.

It helped that I was emotionally ready for a big change. And that I’m not a particularly materialistic (I loathe shopping). But I achieved the goal and set off into the country with my selection of prized possessions and my 10 containers.

It’s been almost a year now since my move and here’s the truth:

I haven’t missed anything that I gave away. Not one thing.

I really do have everything I need.

I’ve realized that I don’t need “stuff” to access my good feeling self. Conversely, it’s the absence of clutter that’s allowed me to find stillness. And quiet.

I’ve also gained a feeling of space. And expansion.

And I’m more focused on what’s important. Which means that spending time on enhancing my experience of life every day has become my priority.

I’ve always proclaimed in previous musings that our “inner” world reflects in our “outer” world. I see the evidence of that Every. Single. Day.

Now if you’re holding your cheeks in horror at the thought of what you’ve just read it’s ok..! Simplifying your life doesn’t have to be extreme. At all.

De-cluttering can be subtle and slow. Easy and uplifting. Done at your own pace and in your own time.

A cupboard, a shelf, a room or even your handbag (ok, sports bag if you’re a guy). No rules. No stress.

It’s like being reborn. A fresh perspective.

A cold bucket of water in the face. (in a nice refreshing way..)

Just remember, you’re making SPACE for your inevitable expansion.

And aren’t you worth the effort..?

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