Historically, the Festive Season was something I tried to ignore.

It wasn’t hard. My daughter’s dad lived in another country when she was growing up and would invariably return to visit over the holidays. Accordingly, she was almost always with him for Xmas.  Which meant that I could, very easily, just ignore it.

To be honest I’ve never been religious so apart from the blatant commercialization of the event I never could find any real meaning in it.

Christmas was supposed to be full of love. And laughter. And appreciation. And I never felt any of that.

The whole event simply highlighted my perceived “lack”.

That was the story I was telling then. It was how I viewed my life.

Initially, ever the optimist, I would approach each Festive Season bursting with anticipation and expectation. “THIS one will be different!” I’d declare..!

And then I’d notice the lack. And focus on it. And feel bad..

And the season would eventually pass. Unsurprisingly I’d be left feeling despondent and deflated. The promise of love, laughter and abundance once again thwarted.

Over time I stopped expecting or anticipating and just chose avoidance instead. Which kind of worked for a while. But let’s be honest, unless you live under a rock, grow your own food and have your own cow to milk it’s almost impossible to avoid the “Silly Season” entirely. Setting foot into any place of retail means that Santa is In. Your. Face.

And I wore it like a badge. “I don’t DO Christmas!” I declared loudly to anyone who was listening.

Until recently that is.

I’ve decided that this year WILL be different.

It’s time to put on my big girl panties and practice what I preach.

Yup, it’s time to change my story.

What if I apply my much preached about “inside-out” Principle of Happiness to this annual “season of despondency”? (That’s the one where I get happy FIRST and then watch how life around me falls into place to match that.)

What if I participate from a position of ENJOYMENT? And do whatever inspires the feeling of FUN?

What if I focus on the MOMENT and let go of any attachment to the outcome?

And what if I simply ACCEPT everything as perfect? And acknowledge that NOTHING needs to be different. Except my perspective.

It means absolving Santa (or anyone else) of ANY responsibility for my happiness. Completely.

Because if I’m happy FIRST then everyone around me is free to be who they are. Unconditionally.

And if I’m happy FIRST then I’m waaay less likely to use grumpy shoppers as an excuse to be annoyed.

So ultimately it’s Up. To . Me.

But then isn’t it always..?

if, like me, this is a difficult time of year for you, let’s chat. It’ll help, I promise.

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