One of my BIIIIG Intentions for this year is to CHANGE MY STORY.


Got your attention? Read on..

I’m the master of making assumptions. About anything and everything. And until recently, my default was to always  assume the worst.

If someone didn’t return my call I would assume they were angry/irritated/bored with me and feel bad.

If a friend cancelled an arrangement to meet I would assume they had something better to do and feel bad.

If a loved one was late I would assume a fatal accident and feel bad.

Yup, I would tell myself a story (all made-up of course) and I would always end up feeling bad.

Now we could analyse this behavior to understand how this came to be my default. But I’m a complicated person and that would be tedious.

Instead, let’s simply accept that this was how I rolled. Back then.

Yet now I know that I am NOT my mind but rather the BOSS of my mind.

And the way I think is just a habit. Like any other habit.

And with some conscious effort I can create a NEW habit.

So this year I’m upgrading my story.

Assume The Best 2.0.

Because any assumption is not true. It’s just a story we’re telling ourselves.

And it’s just as easy to tell a GOOD story as it is to tell a GLUM one.

Yup. This year ANY assumption I make is going to be completely in MY favour. I will ALWAYS be the star/heroin of my story.

Everything will ALWAYS be working FOR me and not TO me.

Because I prefer to feel GOOD.

All the time.

Quite simple really..

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