A few years ago, I twisted my ankle. Quite badly.

I had been gaily loping along a mountain trail (as I do), not a care in the world. Until my foot disappeared down a hole, which had been hidden by grass.

As I fell I heard a crack. Or did I feel the crack? Either way, it was white hot pain. EXTREME pain. And it took 2 hours and a handful of ibuprofen (ok, not quite a handful) to cover the remaining 2km down the mountain and to the car.

I was gutted. I knew what this meant.

No. Running.

For a while anyway.

And I was well-behaved. For about 6 weeks. After which I eased myself back onto the mountains. And all was right in the world again. Yay!

In the 6 months that followed, I entered some lovely ultra trail events. And I ran some pb’s too! (pb = Personal Best for the non-runners amongst you).

Ankle fixed! Right?

Or not.

For the next 18 months, I felt a niggle in the glute/hamstring region of the injured-ankle leg. Which I ignored. Until I couldn’t anymore.

Physiotherapy eased the pain but didn’t get to the root of the issue.

And so I found myself knocking on the door of a local biokineticist.

Now these chaps are brilliant! They find the areas of your body that are mechanically unbalanced. Or weak. Both in my case.

My issue was simple really. My ankle was weak when I started running again (post sprain), so I compensated with my stronger side. And now I run funny.

Luckily it’s easy to fix. With the right strengthening program.

Which means a gym. And dumbells. And weird equipment. But the promise of pain-free running beckoned.

So I signed up. Semi-enthusiastically.

And I’ve been diligently lifting, pushing and stretching as required (yee-ha!)

Now as you know, most gym’s have an abundance of mirrors. On all the walls. Because, apparently, people like to watch themselves push, lift and stretch. A lot.

And the equipment is placed so that you can’t NOT watch yourself.

Which brings me to the point of this musing.

Over the 4 weeks that I’ve been gymming, I’ve categorized the mirrors into “fat” mirrors and “thin” mirrors. Yup, there are a few that reflect a skinny Jacky, and a few that don’t.

So at any given gym session you’ll find me happily pulling, stretching and lifting in front of the SKINNY mirrors. Because I LIKE what I see. And I feel GOOD when I see it.

I’ve decided that the skinny mirrors are the “truth”, whilst the rest are warped. And they lie.

Because that’s the story that suits me.

And I get to choose the story.

As is the case with ANY story we tell ourselves. About anything.

We. Choose. It.

So why not choose a GOOD one. That stimulates GOOD feelings.

It really is a no-brainer..