Here at home, one of the first places to get the morning winter sun is the outdoor table. And one of my four-legged buddies has figured that out.

Needless to say, once we’re back from our morning farmland meander, that’s where you’ll find him. Satisfied, content and feeling totally worthy.

Yup, he’s found his place in the sun and claimed it.

From his perspective he feels chilly (it is autumn after all) so the next step is to find some sun. That it’s on the table is of no consequence to him. It’s warm and accessible. That’s all.

He doesn’t care about society’s rules. Or mine for that matter (I have a no-dogs-on-furniture rule). He simply followed the path of least resistance towards his momentary bliss.

Interesting concept don’t you think?

And yes, I know, he’s a dog. But what a beautiful example of being present. In the moment. Feeling good.

So you’re wondering how I, of no-dogs-on-furniture mentality, reacted?

Well, my trigger response was to shoo him off the table. Without much thought. It’s one of my ‘need-to-control’ instincts. It’s how I keep order. Or so I think.

But a larger (or higher) part of me urged me to take a step back. Watch. Notice my own resistance. And observe it.

He was happy. And, quite honestly, the world wouldn’t end if he sat on the table. In fact, when I really think about it there really isn’t any downside. At all. The table is washed regularly and a table cloth is used when I use it for meals.

My resistance is simply my habit of thought. Old patterns no longer serving me. That’s all.

And so, dear readers, there are 2 points to ponder here:

  1. Sometimes we need to simply follow the path of least resistance to find our bliss. Even an untraveled one.
  2. Our beliefs can limit our experiences – especially those old, deeply ingrained ones that are lurking behind our would-be spontaneous reactions.

Never underestimate the power of the moment. And the small ways in which everyday occurrences can influence our thinking.

And offer us an opportunity to grow. And expand.

It’s what keeps life interesting. And dynamic.

Enjoy the ride.