Don’t you just LOVE “aha!” moments?

I had one a few days ago. Here’s what happened.

There are birds on this farm. LOTS of birds. Of varying sizes. And birds poop. A lot.

Now according to my FFLB’s (furry four-legged buddies) it’s the BEST tasting poop ever! I know this because when we’re aimlessly traipsing through the vines every morning, they literally vacuum it up. A real delicacy it seems!

Now the domesticized control-freak side of me has been resisting this. For a looong time. Which means that every morning I reprimand, admonish and eventually yell at them whenever they sample this apparent treat.

And do you think it makes one iota of difference? Nope.

Which means that I’m the one left irritated and frustrated. Because SURELY eating bird-poop can’t be good for them? Can it?

I googled it. And guess what? It is.

Full of nutrients and minerals apparently.

That was the “aha!” bit (insert forehead slap).

So now our morning walks are different. They’re more light and relaxed. Why?

Because I’ve adopted a new perspective.

I created a new experience.

One where finding bird poop is good! For all of us. So, it’s more fun for my FFLB’s because ultimately, I’m just allowing them to be who they are; curious dogs that enjoy eating bird poop.

But mostly, MY experience has shifted. Entirely.

Simply by PERCEIVING the situation differently.

I changed the story in my head. My thinking.

It really is that simple.