There was great excitement here in our little corner of the world last week. Well, for my four-legged canine buddies at least..

There we were, feeling very zen, and gaily walking along a very familiar farm track. As we rounded a bend, two of my three charges stopped abruptly, rooted to the spot, ears perked. Fully alert.

There in the middle of the track lay a rather large tree stump.

So what..!  Right?

But for my furry buddies this was a Big. Thing.

What was normally an open track now had a large, odd-shaped object in the middle of it. Not at all what they were used to. And from first sighting it was hard to identify. For them anyway.

So they crouched low, senses on full alert and proceeded veeeery slowly behind me. As we got closer they growled and gave it a very wide berth.

Until I sat on it, and they realized it meant no harm. Only then did they cautiously approach.

Of course, then they did what all dogs do with any new trophy. They sniffed it, and then peed on it. A lot!

Ok, so there is a point to this story (is there ever not?)..

As we strolled home, I pondered the event with mild humour and interest. The reaction of my dogs was not that different to how we as humans react when something new and unexpected lands in our reality.

Most of us strive to create order around us. We believe that if we can control our environment we can be happy. And live peacefully.

And thus we inevitably end up living our days through lots of “sameness”. We walk the same paths and expect the same experience.

It’s comfortable. And safe.

Until BOOM..!

Something changes. And we REACT. Usually fearfully.

I remember when I was retrenched. That was a BIG and very unexpected figurative tree-stump! And I circumnavigated it and barked at it for a long time.

But when I finally got curious and started to reach for new opportunities (something I would never have done had I not been retrenched) my world opened up. And got interesting and exciting again.

Yup, I got to sniff long and hard at that tree-stump. Before I had a good long pee (figuratively speaking of course).

So it’s ok to be surprised by unexpected new metaphorical tree-stumps. And you’re allowed a little circumnavigation.

But then get curious. How can this new tree-stump work FOR you..?

And there’s your power.

Because everything ALWAYS happens FOR you. Never TO you.

It’s ALWAYS your choice.

No exceptions.