So, what is the difference between intuition and simply thinking random thoughts?


As someone who’s notoriously “in my head” it’s been an elusive question for me. Yet it came up for me as I was listening to one of the audio lessons from the Hay House World Summit recently.

The subject was Intuitive Healing – something that’s always peaked my interest. And the bit that got me “thinking” was when the speaker directed the listeners to practice “quietening the mind” and scanning the body intuitively. Listening to the “messages” that present themselves.

Now firstly, I’ve NEVER been good at quietening the mind. If the “thinking” part of my brain was measured as a muscle with strength, it would win gold medals at the Olympics for weight lifting!

Practices like traditional meditation are near impossible for me. You simply can’t tell a busy-brained hack like me to “stop thinking”. It’s like trying to stop a freight train that’s moving at 150mph. There’s simply too much momentum…

This begs the question: How can I recognise Intuition over my noisy thinking?

Well, here’s where I’ve got to (it’s the SIMPLE approach):

When a thought pops into my head from seemingly nowhere, and it FEELS interesting, or intriguing, or just ”right”, then that’s my intuition.

It’s often accompanied with a sense of “knowing”.

It’s the thought(s) BEFORE the debate starts up. As it always does.

An important factor is my state of emotion before the intuitive thought arrives.

Chances are if I’m grumpy or sad it’s not intuition. Probably just my mind latching onto some miserable thought to justify my grumpiness. It’s how we’re wired.

For example: Let’s say I’m looking forward to a run later in the day. A new trailrunning route pops into my head. And I feel excited to try it. THAT’S an intuitive idea. A feeling from my proverbial gut. An inspired thought.

I felt good before it arrived, so I know it’s inspired.

Once the conversation/debate/analysis starts up in my head then I know my tireless thinking machine is kicking in. That bit ISN’T intuition. And best ignored.

And I’ve learned that although I can’t stop my busy thinking mind, I just don’t take it seriously. Very much like a radio on in the background. I’m aware of it but I tune it out.

There you have it.

Intuition is loudest WHEN WE FEEL GOOD.

Because when we feel good, that’s when we instinctively get “quieter”.

And allow those juicy intuitive thoughts through.

Try it.