I do my best to make these musings (aka prattles or brain dumps) inspirational on some level. There’s always an upside to whatever I write about.

And it’s all true (I promise)…

It did occur to me, however, that I may be presenting myself as one of those (annoyingly) effervescent, bubbly humans who only ever sees the “bright” side of life.

Well I’m not. Well, not always.

I have slumps too. In fact, my internal weather was particularly overcast (with a few thundershowers) last week on Thursday.

I. Just. Felt. Meh (I LOVE that word..).

There was no silver lining in those clouds. Life felt heavy. An effort. My rose-tinted glasses lay abandoned in a corner.

And why?

Well, as you know, we FEEL our thinking.

And I unwittingly dabbled in a few fearful thoughts. Which then attracted a few more. And I engaged those too. And before I knew it, I felt bleak. Really bleak.

Needless to say, I spent much of the day accessing (and feeling) all those unhappy thoughts that linger down at those low-energy levels. I resurrected thoughts of self-pity and rejection that hadn’t appeared in my reality for yonks..! And for a little while, I took them all VERY seriously.

I’ll admit too, that for a while I berated myself.

I, of all people, should know better..! Shouldn’t I?

But here’s the thing…

We’re all human.

And part of the human experience is to feel ALL of the spectrum of emotions we were blessed with.

Yup, that INCLUDES feeling glum.

Because feeling glum is uncomfortable. But from there we’re inspired to feel better. Which requires a conscious shift.

And THERE’S our growth.

Our moods are never random. Ever.

They’re ALWAYS a product of our thinking (conscious or not).

And our thinking IS something we CAN control.

If we understand how the mind/thoughts/consciousness system really works.

So, last Thursday was a reminder of my human-ness. And a lesson in humility.

But also a celebration of how this brilliant process of “human-ness”works.

How in feeling glum, I felt renewed appreciation for feeling decidedly non-glum.

With hindsight, it’s quite simple really…


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