No, I didn’t forget to insert the quirky wording onto the pic alongside.

Today I’m bragging.

Yup, that pic is the view from my desk. In my new home. Back in semi-suburbia.

It’s brilliant, right?

It’s the newness. The change of scenery. New people to meet. All the nuances of a new environment.

Quite simply, a new adventure.

And what better way to reignite our creativity, than a bit of change (ok, in this case it was a LOT of change).

The move itself was seamless. It simply flowed.

And the BEST part?

I got to indulge my inner control freak. Completely.

Let me explain.

The removal chaps were brilliant. They arrived an hour early, diligently packed my meagre belongings, and unceremoniously dumped them (gently) in the middle of the floor in my new home. Which is what I paid them to do. Brilliant!

And then the fun started…

I got to lose myself unapologetically in the process of creating ORDER from the CHAOS…

I was in heaven. Lovingly finding new homes for my bits and pieces. Finding the perfect position for my couch. My version of playtime…

I know, many of you are rolling your eyes. Slapping your foreheads. Shaking your heads disbelievingly. But in my world, moving towns, changing my home and rearranging my possessions inspires new purpose. It realigns my focus. It shifts my perspective.

We fall into habits quite easily. And often unknowingly. Some are beneficial, others not so much.

Every move to a new environment that I make, allows me to re-evaluate those habits. And let the nasties go.

It’s a cleansing of sorts.

And who doesn’t enjoy a good cleanse? Right?

Simple really…