Saturday mornings usually see me running on one of the various mountains in my immediate surroundings. It’s SO cool..!

This past Saturday was no exception.

To add to the fun, this was also the day that the UTCT (Ultra Trail Cape Town) event was scheduled. On the same mountain that I had chosen (it’s a BIG mountain so I’m happy to share…).

No, I wasn’t a participant, but the tail end of my run intersected with part of the event route.

Which meant that as my more remote path joined with the main trail, I found the route scattered with cheering supporters. Who naturally assumed I was an event participant and began cheering loudly as I approached.

Initially, I felt embarrassed, and undeserving of the applause. A bit like a fraud. And I humbly indicated that I wasn’t a participant.

The supporters laughed at their misguided enthusiasm. Then someone yelled “we’ll clap for you anyway!”. And they did!

And it felt GREAT!

And then it hit me.

I was being applauded for my efforts.

Brilliant! What a gift! Who says that’s limited to event participants??

I’d already completed 2 hours of climbing/running. That was worthy of applause! Wasn’t it?

Well, I thought so.

I then ran the last 4km’s down the mountain, basking in the enthusiastic cheering. I loved it!

So, what changed my experience from undeserving to “Hell yeah! Bring it on..!”

My perspective. Which is simply my “thinking”.

An old habitual (and limiting) way of thinking was replaced by a new perspective that simply felt way nicer.

The OLD perspective was all about what other people thought. How they would judge me.

The NEW way was about MY experience. What felt good for ME. Screw the others…

And yes, it was a CONSCIOUS shift in thought. Because I CHOSE to.

It’s something we do every day.

We CHOOSE our thoughts. And what we focus on.

And THAT creates our experience.

Think/focus of GOOD stuff, and you’ll feel GOOD.

And ditto the opposite.

Pretty simple, right?