Caution: if you have a sweat-phobia, this article is best avoided…

I often write about how changing our “story” can shift our experience.

Well, this is another example of exactly that!

If you’re a regular peruse of my musings, you’ll know that I run. Preferably on mountains (or in the occasional vineyard).

In light of this, I’ve made it a habit to regularly feel oodles of appreciation for my hardworking (and very clever) body. Agile legs, nimble feet and strong core muscles are necessities which add to the enjoyment of the experience.

What’s not to love..?

Yet, until not so long ago, there WAS a part of myself which I didn’t bathe in appreciation. Ever.

I sweat. A lot.

They say women don’t sweat, they glow.

They lied.

In a spinning class (for the uninformed, that’s a class at a gym where we sit on stationary bicycles and peddle manically to music), I’m that person with a large puddle of sweat under their bike.

On a warm and humid day, there’s not a dry spot on me after a jaunt on a mountain.

Get the picture? (nope, it’s not pretty…)

And I hated it.

I felt dirty. Embarrassed. Even shameful.

As you can imagine, it meant that exercising in the summer months was challenging. I was ALWAYS painfully aware of my unnatural “sheen”.

In those hot months, I would avoid the gym. And I started running on my own more frequently. I literally hid away to avoid any judgement.

More importantly, I allowed this perception of myself to interfere with my experience. It became a dark heavy cloud hanging over what should have been my bliss.

Until I changed my story.

I upgraded my perspective, so to speak.

I asked myself a simple question: “how can this be something that works FOR me..?”

It wasn’t that hard to answer.

Sweat cools us down. It’s a gift from nature. Which means that I have one of the BEST cooling systems ever!

Brilliant, right?

I’ve also decided that anyone noticing my “sweatiness” wasn’t gasping in horror, but rather inwardly marveling at how hard I must have worked. Yup, that was a story that felt good!

As with anything new, it took some practice. I had to consciously guide my thoughts in that direction. Repeatedly.

But it paid off. My experience shifted. In a GOOD way!

I’ll never know what people really ARE thinking. But then I never did. So why not assume the best (instead of the worst)?

And years later, I still tell myself the same story. And it’s easy.

Because EVERY experience we have is dependent on our perspective.

100% of the time.

And we can ALWAYS change our perspective (if we choose to).

100% of the time.

And it WILL shift your experience.

Yup, 100% of the time.

Simple right?