Here in Cape Town, we’re experiencing the worst drought in history (apparently).

What’s more, our water supply is forecast to run out in mid April. Which is about a month too soon. Yup, our winter rainfall which starts in May.

They’re calling it “Day Zero”. That’s when the taps will be turned off. And it’ll be up to each individual to collect their daily allocation of 25 litres (6,5 gallons) from a designated collection point (did I mention there are 4 million people in Cape Town?).

Interesting stuff, right?

We’ll be the first major city to run out of water. Ever.

We’re currently “rationed” to 50 litres/day/per person. That’s just over 13 gallons. That’s all. For EVERYTHING. Yup, flushing toilets too.

Public reactions have been varied. Some are gallantly rising to the occasion. Others are playing the “blame game”. And, unbelievably, over half of our city have chosen the ostrich syndrome. They’re simply ignoring it.

So, what happens when there’s no water on tap?

Well, all those lovely electronic washing devices (clothes, dishes) no longer operate. It’s all done by hand. Showers become a distant memory (we gave up the luxury of baths AGES ago).

Additionally, NO water goes down the drain. We collect all the “grey” water (from washing dishes, clothes and bodies) in buckets and it goes into the toilet cistern. We’re lucky if we get to flush twice a day.

Then there’ll be the standing in queues. Daily. waiting for our allocation (we’re still wondering how to carry 25l – any ideas?)

Right. By now you should have an idea of what we’re facing.

And for me, observing the differing reactions has been enlightening. Including my own.

There’ve been moments when I’m fearful. Annoyed. Frustrated. I’ve even resorted to finger-pointing (blaming). I hang my head in shame…

Yet, more often, I’m simply ok with what is. Calm. Accepting. Rising to the challenge. It is what it is. Right?

So, what creates the difference between the two (the fear and the calm, that is…)?


When I focus on the hardships and inconvenience (all the fearful icky bits), I can literally feel my mood drop.

Sometimes it’s the other way around. If my mood is already low (for whatever reason), I can notice my thoughts start leaning towards all of the annoying (fearful and icky) aspects of this situation.

Low mood = fearful thoughts = low mood.

It works the opposite way too. Luckily.

When I’m flying high, aligned or simply content, I’m able to see this whole “crisis” from a higher perspective. One that feels okay. One without fear.

Good mood = fearLESS thoughts = good mood.

It’s in these times that I’m  able to consider some GOOD aspects to this (yup, they do exist!).

Like the way we’ll be forced to interact more with our community (standing in queues for long periods will do that..).

And how much of a “leveler” this experience will be. Because, EVERYONE’S taps will be dry. Money, social status and colour won’t matter.

My FOCUS will determine my experience of this event. Simple.


Because my focus will determine my PERSPECTIVE.

And my perspective will determine how I FEEL.

And (as always) how I FEEL is what counts.

It’s what makes the experience comfortable, or not.

No-matter what the circumstance.

And I CHOOSE my focus.