What would you do if your cup was FULL..?

You’re wondering what I’m talking about, right?

It’s a metaphor. About life. And how we perceive it.

If your “cup” was you, in totality. And it was full. Of all the nice mushy stuff. Possibly overflowing. How would you feel?

Complete. Satisfied. At ease. Allowing. Confident. Safe. These are words that describe my cup being full.

Now, let me add some context to this question.

The mountains where I run are fairly popular. On any given day, I’ll pass many individuals or groups of walkers or fellow runners. I’m a friendly type of person so it’s natural for me to greet them as I lope past. Most return the greeting. Some even beat me to it.

And so it was, one of these mornings, that I noticed how it was predominantly me initiating this interaction.

This was simply something I observed, it carried no judgement.

So, I decided to try an experiment.

If I simply ignored everyone, would they ignore me back?

So, I did. And they did. Mostly.

Which didn’t really surprise me.

But what DID surprise me, was how not greeting fellow nature lovers, lessened my experience. I felt the loss.

I also realized that I had been unconsciously measuring my worthiness by the responses. If I didn’t get any response I felt deflated.

Hence the big question.

What would I do if my cup was FULL?

What if I didn’t NEED anything back?

In other words, if I was simply here on this planet to GIVE, without expecting to RECEIVE in return, how would that feel?

And would I act differently?

In my case, yup, I would.

I would dish out enthusiastic greetings without noticing the response.

Because it simply wouldn’t matter.

I would bask in the pleasure of simply “sharing the lurve..”.

Try it yourselves.

Find a situation in your current reality where your “happiness mojo” is dependent on someone else’s feedback. Or action. One of those where you find yourself needing some form of approval from another.

Then ask yourself:

“What would I do if my cup was full..?”

It could rock your world…

Simple, right?