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A client recently asked me an interesting question.

We were discussing intuition. And how we connect to it.

So, how do we know when we’re being intuitive or not? She asked..

Good point.


Can YOU answer that?

Here’s my take:

Our intuition is not really a thought.

It’s a feeling. A sense of knowing.

And it’s in the moment. Instinctive. It’s that idea that hits BEFORE our thinking-engine kicks in.

Once you’ve started evaluating your idea or thought, it’s gone. Just like that.


Yup, once we start to deliberate, or analyse, we’ve disconnected.


Another clue is how you feel.

If you feel GOOD when the idea/inspiration hits, there’s a good chance that’s intuition showing up.

And it’ll feel pretty effortless too. Inspired ideas or solutions have a way of simply popping into our heads when we least expect them.

On the other hand, when you’re annoyed, frustrated or in any other low emotional state, have you noticed how any decent ideas or solutions seem illusive? From this emotional place we overthink every thought and constantly second-guess ourselves. Which, ironically, perpetuates the issue.

Here’s an easy example:

When we’re feeling relaxed and content and we feel hungry, an idea of what food we’d prefer will generally pop into our head pretty quickly. We’ll instinctively KNOW what we feel like gobbling. And it’ll feel pleasing, good.

Conversely, when we’re in a state of overwhelm, we’re more likely debate each menu idea for its availability, nutritional content or cost. And that debate can loop around in our willing minds endlessly. Often stripping us of our appetite and/or enthusiasm.

So there it is.


Feeling GOOD + (effortless) idea/solution = intuitive inspiration.

Feeling not-so-good + (forced) solution seeking = fear-based (over)thinking.


Yup, once again, it’s all starts with HOW YOU FEEL.

Simple, right?