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Let’s play a game.

It’s called Pretend, Pretend.. And requires your imagination.

Here goes…

Imagine you wake up in the morning. The birds are singing, the sun is shining. Life feels okay.

You reach over, grab the remote, and power up the magical box of doom and gloom (aka the TV).

Your choice is to watch the news (CNN, BBC, AlJazeera, whichever…).

After 30 mins of absorbing the chaos of the world, you switch it off and begin the process of surviving the day.

So, how do you think you feel? Excited? Enthusiastic?

I doubt it.

Probably resigned, with low-grade overwhelm and glumness.

And from this place, everything annoys you. Kids, spouse, Buster the dog and traffic. And you’re not even at work yet!

Your actions/reactions have created a very specific perspective. A glum one.

Now let’s rewind and try this scenario again.

Imagine you wake up in the morning. The birds are singing, the sun is shining. Life feels okay.

You lie still. Simply letting the birdsong wash over you.

You get up and head to the kitchen to make yourself your favourite cup of joe. Yum!

Once back under the covers (sipping gently), you allow your eyes to wander around your room, and you feel appreciation for the space, and what’s in it.

Post-coffee, you spend 10 mins meditating/doing yoga stretches/walking in the garden (whichever grabs your fancy).

Get the picture?

So, how does this scenario make you feel? Calm? Accepting? Content?

In this frame of mind, you feel warmth and affection for your family members. Yup, Buster too. And heavy traffic is simply a delightful excuse to listen to your favourite music/podcasts/audio books.

Once again, you’ve created a particular perspective. But this one feels good!

Now, let’s be clear.

In the first gloomy scenario, you didn’t choose to feel glum. You chose to watch the news.

IOW, you consciously chose to watch tv. Which means that you unconsciously chose to feel bad. You selected an activity that felt preferable, whilst not considering how it would affect your mood.

Your uncomfortable (aka bad) feelings were simply a reaction to your chosen activity.

Whereas, in the second scenario you chose to start your day doing things you know feel good.

You consciously chose to participate in activities that you knew would feel good.

That’s the difference between conscious living and unconscious living.

Conscious = we CHOOSE to focus on GOOD FEELING things
Unconscious = we REACT (mostly in fear) to what we see/hear happening around us.

So, which do you think feels better?

I know which one I choose…