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I have a question for you.

Do you know the difference between LONELY and ALONE?

The obvious answer is that one is a state of being, whilst the other is a state of feeling.

We generally relate to either feeling lonely and being alone.

Now, I’m someone who generally LOVES my own company. It’s not fear-based (IOW I’m not hiding), it’s simply a choice. My choice. So being alone feels GOOD for me.

Yet, for a lot of folks, being alone FEELS lonely. Which feels bad. And is therefore avoided. For different reasons.

Most often, people think that being alone is a failure. That it means something about who they are. When it doesn’t, ever. That’s simply our social programming rearing it’s ugly head.

So which is right or wrong? Which feels better?

Well, dear reader, that depends ENTIRELY on your perspective.

Because being on your own is simply a state of existence. It’s neutral. A fact for that specific moment.

What charges it as good/bad, is HOW WE LOOK AT IT.

Which then generally dictates how we FEEL about it.

For example, a working mom with two kids and a hubby to consider will see a few hours on her own as absolute  heaven! She sees this time as a gift from above. Pure bliss.

Yet, a stay-at-home mom who’s youngest offspring has recently flown the coup to college, may see time on her own as excruciatingly empty. Terrifying quiet. Even depressing.

Yup, once again, an example of the POWER OF OUR PERSPECTIVE.

ANY event is experienced entirely through the lens of your current perspective.

Which, as you should know by now, IS YOUR CHOICE. End of story.

I know, I’m like a stuck record. It’s my burden to bear – sigh…

But it’s also a message of hope. And empowerment.

An inkling of what’s possible.

And how easy it can be to FEEL BETTER, MORE OFTEN.