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I’ve often thought that in an alternative universe, I’d like to come back as one of my dogs. With me as my owner (I know, it’s weird but go with me on this…).

My two furry friends (FF’s) have the BEST life.

They only eat raw meat and veg (the BARF diet – look it up), get meaty bones to chew daily and, most important (in their view) is our daily excursion beyond our garden boundaries (AKA walkies)…

It’s their most favourite time in the world. They sniff, pee, poop, and sniff some more.

It’s generally pretty slow going but it’s THEIR walk, they dictate the pace.

And it’s divine! They simply ooze pure happiness and joy from every doggy pore.

Now, being the good mom that I am, I do my best to vary the route. And one of the routes involves walking straight up a road that ends half-way up the mountain.

Yup, it’s steep.

So we inevitably slog our way to the top, then we turn around and enjoy the long downhill home.

Last week, as we meandered casually uphill, I wondered whether this was possibly pretty boring for them. After all, we walk back down the same road.

But as we crested the upper level and turned to walk down on the opposite side of the road, I suddenly saw it through their eyes. Looking DOWN the road looked different from UP. For them, it was as if we were on a new road.

New smells, new gardens, new dogs behind fences to torment as we passed by.

And it dawned on me.

I can blog about this!

It’s a perfect analogy of two different perspectives of the same thing.

Same road, two different perspectives.

The road going up towards the mountain looked very different to the road going down towards the ocean.

Yet, it’s the same road.

And we could choose which perspective we prefer (I prefer the down. Obviously..)

Just like ANY event.

We can ALWAYS choose a different perspective.

Preferably one that feels better..

Simple, right?