A client recently likened her life to that of a swinging pendulum. Sometimes good and sometimes not so much.

She then ventured further to say that maybe the key is to figure out how to stop in the middle. Not good. Not bad. Simply NEUTRAL.

What do you think? Do you agree?

It certainly gave me pause for thought. And I came up with this insight:

When I’m swinging to the “bad” side, then NEUTRAL seems hugely enticing. It’s an escape from the discomfort.

But when I swing back to GOOD, neutral can kiss my bulchy butt! GOOD feels SO much better!

From neutral, life is predictable, unimaginative, even dull.

AND, there’s little to no growth or expansion. So what’s the point? Right?

The beauty of the pendulum analogy is that from a “bad” experience, you’re guaranteed a GOOD experience of equal intensity as you swing to the opposite side!

Yes, I know. The opposite applies too. But that’s not necessarily such an awful thing.

Wait, hear me out..

When something unwanted happens, we feel bad. 

We experience and feel the reality of this UNWANTED thing, and then after a period of time, we’re able (if we choose) to find the VALUE in this event.

A shift in perspective if you will…

Many moons ago, I was stuck in the middle of a corporate merger. Voluntary retrenchments were offered and at the same time I was head-hunted for a different company.

Win/win, right?

So I jumped at the retrenchment package only to be told a few days later by the “new” company, that their offer of employment was retracted. Internal company politics had forced them to recruit from within.

Suddenly I was unemployed. Without any prospects. And it felt BAD…

But, it forced me to move in a new direction. Away from corporate life, towards where I am today.

Which feels really GOOD!

Would I change that experience? Never…

The “bad” was soooo worth it!