I’m a creature of habit.

And I’ll admit, my habits aren’t all good ones.

For instance: when I’m feeling scared or worried, I tend to try and control things. Like REALLY control things (ask my daughter – she was once one of those things I tried to control..)!

And it never turned out well. Ever.

The more I tried to control, the more things (seemingly) went wrong.

Which meant MORE fear and MORE worry.

Rinse, repeat! Rinse, repeat! etc. etc..

Until somewhere, somehow, in my yearn to learn, I happened upon a little nugget of wisdom.

It was something I read. Or heard (I can’t remember..).

But it recommended a complete shift of thinking. A completely NEW perspective. It said:

Let go! Feel ease. Be allowing. Adopt trust. Be curious…

Well, I laughed. Loudly.

Three years ago, I sold my house with the idea of moving to the country. It was a spontaneous decision but I figured I’d have at least 3 months after the sale to choose a new town and find somewhere to live. Cool bananas!

Hah! The Universe had other ideas..

My house sold to a cash buyer at full asking price within 48 hours BUT on condition that I vacated within 6 weeks..!

Caught between utter elation and sheer terror, I signed on the dotted line.

And I’ll admit, the following week was a panicked blur.

Yup, I did what I do best – CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!

And got nowhere.

Nothing appealed to me. Rental agencies ignored my enquiries.

Until, desperate and at a loss at what to do next, I surrendered.

I gave up and decided to give this new nugget a go.

To follow the breadcrumbs that the Universe was leaving for me.

I trusted. I relaxed. I got curious..

And THAT’S when things started showing up.

Opportunities that I hadn’t noticed or thought of before.

In this case, I remembered the owner of a lovely B&B that I’d stayed at years before in a lovely little town. I reached out to her and she in turn pointed me towards the next person. And so on… And so on…

I followed those proverbial breadcrumbs until they led me to a quaint little wooden cabin on a lovely wine estate.

It was PERFECT! And relatively effortless.

And so, dear readers, the moral of this little tale is to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

Sit back, relax, and notice the clues.

TRUST that you’ll be led to where where you need to be.

It’s always the case.

If we ALLOW it.