I’m the first one to argue against rummaging through “stuff” from the past. More often than not, it leaves us feeling bad. All over again. And who needs to feel bad? Right?

But today is the one day that I allow myself (and you) that luxury.

Yup, it’s the very last day of 2018 and what better way to wave the year goodbye than to reflect back and admire our achievements. Yes, ACHIEVEMENTS..!

I know, most people love to bemoan the awfulness of the past year. And justifiably so. For many 2018 was ruddy challenging.

Me included.

BUT (yep, there’s always a but), what if those exact challenges could be our best achievements?

Our reason to feel GOOD!

Let me explain.

Today, as you reflect, avoid cringing in regret or despair. There’s simply no point to that.

Instead marvel at how fantastically you coped. How in spite of these apparent catastrophes, you’re STILL HERE. Alive, breathing, facing each day.

And then notice how whilst it was super-hard, you’ve emerged as an EXPANDED version of you.

Yup, whether you want to admit it or not, ALL of your 2018 experiences, have created a stronger, wiser and more robust version of who you were.

I know, this may be hard to grasp, especially if your specific challenge is still very recent. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

You ARE expanded.

You ARE wiser.


And that’s the version of you that’s marching bravely (and excitedly) into 2019. Yee-ha!

Remember, as human beings we’re here to EXPERIENCE life in all its messy glory.

That means feeling our FULL RANGE of emotions through different experiences.

And yes, that means that sometimes we get to feel uncomfortable.

Don’t judge it, or try to avoid it.

FEEL it, and know that it’ll pass.

It ALWAYS does.

And then we get to really savour the deliciousness of feeling comfortable all over again.

With renewed appreciation.

THAT’S expansion.

And so, dear readers, go forth into 2019 with intentions to EXPAND and EXPAND some more.

EMBRACE what life throws at you!

Laugh in the face of your fears!


It’s why we’re here.