We all look forward to the Festive Season/Holidays. Don’t we? Well, mostly.

Because let’s be honest, whilst egg nog and mistletoe are super-fun, large (often obligatory) social gatherings with extended family and friends can often provide us with a challenge or two.

In these circumstances (and after a few tipples) it’s not unusual for disagreements to emerge. Sometimes loudly.

And if we’re not careful, in the blink of an eye we find ourselves sucked into the middle of unmitigated D.R.A.M.A.


Does this sound familiar? Are you nodding vigorously?


I’m about to hand you your first Christmas gift (with love).

In the spirit of goodwill, I’m going to share my NUMBER ONE foolproof way to AVOID an argument/disagreement/uncomfortable topic.

Yup, this little nugget NEVER fails. Ever.


As the ‘perp’ slyly hurls his/her thinly disguised attempt to verbally hook you into an argument, simply smile sweetly and ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR OPINION.

That’s all.

Simple, right?

It’ll sound something like this:

“Wow! Interesting thought! Thanks for that..”

“I hadn’t thought of that, good point!”


“Fascinating perspective! I’ll give it some thought”

Can you see the magic here?

You’re acknowledging their point of view without agreeing or disagreeing.

No confrontation. No provocation. No opinion.

Simply respectful.

And no opportunity for an emotionally charged comeback..!

From this place it’s easy to slip into a new topic or (even better) make a discreet exit.

Now in order for this to work effectively, you need to be able to side-step your ego and  let go of the need to be “right”.

Can you do that?

Well, then give it a try..!

It can shift your experience completely.

P.S. Guaranteed to work in the office and at home too!