As an eager young lass, I was taught that setting goals (and completing them) was important. Like VERY important.

It was the path to achieving great things. It’s what would define me as successful, or not. Apparently.

Truth be told, even waaay back then, I was pretty awful at it.

Oh make no mistake, I could SET goals. It was completing them that tripped me up. Every time.

Whether it was a diet, further education, or even a fitness goal. I rarely got to the intended finish-line.

And then the inevitable self-flagellation (figuratively speaking of course).

Yup, I’d beat myself up for being a failure. Repeatedly.

Of course, society labelled me accordingly. In their eyes I lacked the ability to commit. Which meant I would amount to very little. Yeah right..

So why exactly did I never reach my intended goal?

It’s simple, really..

I just lost interest in whatever it was I was doing.

It always started out as fun. Or interesting.

But over time, that momentum dissipated.

Then it became tedious. Often dead boring.

And on the odd occasion where I forced myself to complete the goal, instead of achievement, I simply felt relief that it was over.

These days I never set goals. Here’s why;

When we set a specific goal, it’s based on how we feel IN THIS MOMENT.

In other words, we believe that what tickles our fancy now, will still do so in the future.

But here’s the thing: we change. Daily. Weekly. Monthly.

Tomorrow we will always be an expanded version of who we are today.

No exceptions.

So how do we know what we’ll want next week? Or next month? Or in 6 months’ time?

Well, we don’t. Not really.

Hence my reluctance to set goals.

Instead of focusing in one direction, I prefer to cast my net wide. Be open to new ideas, thoughts and opportunities. One’s that weren’t on my radar 6 months ago.

The answer for me is to simply set INTENTIONS. Yup, setting the direction that I INTEND to pursue whilst still remaining open to possibilities and opportunities that I haven’t yet considered.

Doesn’t that sound more exciting? More fun?

It does to me.

Just a thought..