Let’s be honest, if I told you that as of tomorrow, sugar was banned from your diet, what would you do? How would you react?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be super-good on day 1, okay’ish on day 2, but by day 3 you’ll be feverishly consuming ANYTHING sugary..!

And you’d probably end up eating more sugar than you normally would prior to this ridiculous ban.. Right?

Want to know why?

It’s simple really.

We humans are notorious for creating stories (aka dramas) in our pretty little heads.

And it always starts with a thought. Which attracts more thoughts. And then yet more again.

Now basic universal law tells us that unless we CONSCIOUSLY steer our thoughts, they simply gather their own momentum and follow the same path (or topic).

Which means that if we think a scary thought, more scary thoughts will follow. With a deeper intensity.

So if I tell you NOT to eat sugar, you’ll think about just that. Eating sugar.

Which will attract more sugary thoughts. About just how GREAT sugar is. And how LOVELY it tastes. And how DEPRIVED you are without it..!

Which is why by day 3, you’re a gonner. The sweetness wins the day.

You. Give. In.

Cue lashings of guilt, regret, self-loathing.. All made doubly awful by your sugar-induced mania.

And that, dear reader, is what we often do when we set New Year Resolutions.

We look back on the year gone by, and decide what we didn’t like about it. We note the yucky things and then gallantly list the opposite idea as our resolution.

For example; “last year I gained 10 pounds and I felt gross and unattractive, so this year I’m going to get thin! ‘Coz then I’ll be happy..”

Does that EVER work? Nah..

Well, I’d like to introduce a NEW approach this year.

Here goes:

  1. Forget about last year. It’s history. Gone.
  2. Take a moment and decide on one emotion that you’d like to feel MORE of this year (e.g. love, happiness, excitement, relief..)
  3. Now give some thought as to what you could do that would create more of that feeling. A new hobby? A new sport? Learning to tango? What sounds INTERESTING to you. Maybe it’s something that’s been just on the edge of your radar but you’ve not yet reached out and grasped it.
  4. Think of something that will stretch you juuuust outside of your comfortable reality.
  5. Now, set the INTENTION to bring this new feeling/activity into your life. Regularly.
  6. Imagine yourself doing it. Feeling how it would feel. Got it..? Good..!
  7. Now make a point of revisiting this idea/feeling regularly. Perhaps even daily.

And don’t be surprised when related opportunities unexpectedly show up in your reality.. (and they WILL!)

That’s it.

No goals or tasks.

No time frame.

No measurements to use as a whipping tool.

Just an intention to feel good! More often.

Simple, right?