I live in a valley. There’s literally one main road in and out.

And like any normal valley inhabitant, I assume/expect that the road will be open when I need it to be.

And it generally is. Well, mostly.

A month or so back, I was heading home after a particular exhaustive meeting. As usual I was enjoying the scenery (mountains and yet more mountains) when the traffic ground to a halt. At a place where it shouldn’t have.

A quick check on social media told me that a truck had overturned further along. The notice said to be patient. This wouldn’t be a quick fix. Damn…!

After a tedious wait of what seemed like hours (but was probably around 30 mins) the cars started edging forward.

Yay! I thought.. Progress at last..!

But it wasn’t what I thought. The truck was still obstructing the road but light vehicles were being directed along what looked like a pot-hole filled and almost vertical dirt road up the mountain to my left.

Holy Crap!

This was, apparently, a short cut to bypass the bottle-neck.

But let me be clear.. I drive a Fiat 500. Which is a little car. With a little engine. And a sometimes-scaredy-cat driver (yup, that’s me..).

RESISTANCE flooded through me. I was hit with a barrage of emotions – none of which felt good.

Fear, anger, annoyance, frustration, to name a few..

How on earth would I get up there..??!

As I reached the point of being ushered up What-Seemed-Like-Everest, the friendly traffic official smiled deprecatingly as I too-loudly voiced my alarm at potentially meeting my doom whilst tumbling uncontrolled down the mountainside ensconced in my little Fiat.

Realising I had little choice but to do as commanded, I dug deep, turned off the road and began my off-road adventure.

Because that’s essentially what it turned out to be. An adventure!

You see, the elevation wasn’t as steep as I thought, and the pot-holes weren’t as vast. In fact, it quickly became more fun than fearful. I could almost hear my car chortling with glee..

But here’s the best bit..

This little dirt track, previously unknown to me in it’s existence, circled the upper edges of the urban dwellings along the mountainside. So you can imagine the view!

It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e..!

And as an added bonus, I had now discovered somewhere new to run..! Double yay!

Okay, so let’s reflect (as we do)..

Most of us are creatures of habit. We do the same things routinely because it’s comfortable. And familiar. And easy.

So we naturally RESIST change. Even when it’s forced on us.

BUT, dear reader, have faith.

Because when we LET GO of that initial resistance and LEAN IN TO the new “detour” in our path, there are ALWAYS new fun/interesting things to experience.

If we choose to see them.

Yup, I said “CHOOSE”..

It’s ALWAYS about choice.

My little tale above proves that. In spadefuls..!

So here’s my challenge to you: Next time an unexpected “detour” appears in your path, acknowledge your natural urge into resistance (aka woeful weeping), and then CHOOSE to explore how this can be FOR you.

‘Coz there’s ALWAYS a better perspective. One that feels lighter, more fun.

Just find it.

Simple, right?