No, this isn’t a blurb about being a vegetable..

This is a metaphorical onion. Without the smell..

Here goes..

Imagine that we arrive in this world as a little onion globe. Fresh, new and unblemished. Simply perfect.

Initially, we revel in our perfection. We’re curious about life and we don’t hold back.

If we want something that looks appealing, we don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have it.

If we dislike something, we’re happy to voice our displeasure (aka yell, scream or cry). Often very loudly.

We’re completely unaware of, and unlimited by, other people’s opinions. And we never, ever take anything personally.

Yup, as a newbie inhabitant of planet earth, life is all about adventure and discovery. Simply doing what looks like fun!

Sounds dreamy, right..?

Cue in social programming.

As soon as any semblance of understanding shows up in us, family/peers/media begin their (unconscious) assault on our sense of wellbeing and worthiness. Yup, we’re introduced to FEAR..

Fear of disappointing our parents/friends/teachers.

Fear of not fitting in.

Fear of not being safe.

Fear of loss of love.

Etcetera, etcetera..

And as we adopt and embody each fear, so we add another layer to our onion. Year after year, layer after layer. Until we’re a fraction of what we  were born to be. Trapped within our self-made prison of discomfort.

Yup, it’s happened.

We’re a Big. Fat. Onion..

Now before the self-judgement kicks in, take heed..

Willingly slapping on the onion  layers as we grow, is simply part of being human.

In fact, without those layers so firmly in place, there’d be no purpose to life.

Because here’s the thing (and this is the IMPORTANT bit):

It’s in the PEELING AWAY of each layer that we grow and expand.

THAT’S how we discover what we’re capable of.

Yup, as we identify and face down each fear, we step a little closer towards what we were initially born to be.

Think of the last time you pushed through a fear.

Maybe it was getting over your resentment and mending a bridge with a loved one.

Maybe it was trying a radical new hairstyle.

Or perhaps it was as simple as running your first half-marathon.

And what did you feel..??

Exhilaration (Yes!).

Satisfaction (Yee hah!).

Increased confidence (WooHoo!).

With every layer we peel away we become MORE than who we were before.

An EXPANDED version.

THAT’S what life is about.

THAT’S why we’re here.

So ask yourself:

Am I ADDING more layers to my onion?

Am I playing it “safe”, lying low and hiding within the confines of my onion-iness?


Am I grabbing life by the horns and courageously PEELING AWAY the layers?

Which option FEELS better?

I know which one I choose..

Simple, right?