It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here..


It’s hard to explain. But I’ll try..

I’ve been experiencing a definition crisis of sorts.

Yup, definition crisis is a thing..

Which means how I define myself has been shifting. And I’ve been allowing the process to unfold as it will.

If you’ve read anything of mine recently you’ll know that my primary internal focus currently is to release control (aka fear).

So as I felt this urge to redefine myself, I’ve consciously allowed the thoughts/ideas/concepts to float through me as and when they’ve arrived. No control. No attachments to the outcome.

Just a healthy dose of curiosity..

A bit “wishy washy” you say?

Hah! Try being me..!

So where have I landed in this process?

Well, it’s ongoing. And probably never-ending. Which is a good thing (who wants to stay the same, right?)..

But for now, I’m coming clean.

I’m owning up to the source of my source of brilliant insights and wisdom.

You ready?


Yup, that’s me.

It means I’m consciously acknowledging and accessing that high-vibing aspect of me. My Inner Self.

The energy that flows through when I’m totally in alignment.

Intuition. The Divine. Universal energy.

Call it what you will.

But all I do know, is that it’s beyond my conscious thinking.

Beyond my fears and doubts.

Beyond my monkey brain trying to intellectualise every thought.

And when I access it, it’s a KNOWING.

That’s all.

I go there when I’m coaching my clients. And it simply flows.

MY voice. MY mouth. MY personality. Yet intuitive.

But here’s the thing: these words are UNIVERSAL. Not mine. OURS.

Accessible to everyone. Whenever they choose.

So when you read my musings and you resonate with the words, that’s YOUR intuition recognising forgotten wisdom.

The stuff we’re born with, but layer with fear as we age.

And whilst most people choose to hide in the cocoons of fear (aka comfort zones), you’re CHOOSING not to.

Yup, you’ve chosen to peel away the layers. Expand. Explore. GROW.

That you’re here, reading this, is your proof..

Here’s to THAT!