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One of my FAVOURITE topics.


Well, overthinking is one of my oldest and most familiar friends.

Yup, back in the day, I was the QUEEN of the busy brain..

I kid you not.

I mentally examined every possible eventuality within my environment. Over and over and over again.

It was habitual.

It was my prison.

Work. Relationships. Finances. You name it.. I “overthunked” it..

I drove everyone crazy. Me included.

And it’s no surprise that I existed in an almost constant state of anxiety and/or fear. Which felt crappy.

To be honest, at times I felt like I was drowning.

Of course, the real question is this:

Which comes first?

Do anxiety and fear cause overthinking?

Or are they the result of overthinking?

Chicken or the egg, right..?

Well, maybe it’s neither.

Here’s my take:

At some point of my continuous pondering (which I do a lot), it occurred to me that I only ever got caught up in my head when I was in a LOW EMOTIONAL STATE. You know, angry, nervous, afraid, jealous, etc..

Yup, I noticed that when I felt relaxed and at ease,

so was my mind..

Hence the logic behind meditation.

Quiet the mind, and your emotional state/vibration improves.

So what’s the point to this, you ask?

Well, as an overthinker it’s easy to feel like you need to “cure” your overthinking.

That you need to learn how to “control” your thoughts.

When, in fact, a simple start would be to improve your mood.

And that can be as simple as re-focusing your attention.

Metaphorically speaking, it’s like changing direction when the path you’re on becomes bumpy.

Or switching to a new channel when the one you’re on feels dull or boring.

Just take your attention OFF whatever feels uncomfortable, and find something pleasant/neutral to focus ON.

But remember, as you refocus, pay attention to what you now see.

Simply move away from the old focus, always looking ahead.

Yes, there are many layers to what’s behind each individual’s overthinking.

And yes, refocussing in the moment takes practice.

But, whilst society LOVES a victim.

That’s NOT you..!

Decide what YOU want.

Choose how YOU want to feel.

Then, just claim it..!

Simple, right?