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I find people interesting.

Especially the way we can see the same event from so many varied perspectives..

Doesn’t it blow your mind..?

It does mine..

Because of this, I enjoy reading opinions about a variety of topics. Wellness is one of my favourites.

And so last week I found myself perusing an article about fitness and muscular flexibility. Halfway in, the following words reached up and grabbed my eyeballs: “…scientists are still deliberating as to whether there are proven benefits to being flexible..”



Do we honestly need scientists to prove that in order to believe it?

It made me think..

In a world where we’ve gradually given our personal power away by buying into the fear-mongering flowing from traditional and social media, I ask the following questions:

When exactly did we stop TUNING IN

and listening to our bodies?

When did we stop deciding INTUITIVELY

what works for us and what doesn’t..?

Yup, as a society we’ve become addicted to giving up our personal power and letting the “experts” decide.

But here’s where I feel conflicted:

We’re All Different.

Completely UNIQUE.

So not only do we think and perceive life differently, but biologically we function differently too.

That’s why person #1 can thrive as a vegan but person #2 doesn’t.

It’s also why person#3 can win marathons whilst person#4 finishes last.

And guess what?

That’s how it was MEANT TO BE..!

So that we could experience life UNIQUELY..!

It also means that it’s ludicrous to make any personal decisions based on anyone else’s experiences.

We’re simply not comparing apples with apples. Ever.

Maybe it’s simply HABIT that’s taken us down this path. Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else decide..

MAKING OUR OWN CHOICES is one of the many GIFTS we were given to navigate  through our colourful lives!

The gift INTUITION is another.

And the more we utilise them, the better we get at it.

It’s a bit like tuning into a new radio station. It can be fuzzy at first, but over time (with some fine-tuning) the signal becomes crystal clear.

Until we know INSTINCTIVELY what we need. Emotionally and physically.

Try it..

I dare you..