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Yup, I know.. It’s all about the virus..

But WOW..!

To be alive in this unique time when race, class and borders have been reduced to absolutely nothing.

EVERYONE gets to play this game. No exceptions.

In fact, that we’re able to participate in a shift in humanity THIS BIG is quite extraordinary..!

Because one thing we DO know for sure, is that nothing will ever be quite the same.

Even once we pop out the other side of this experience, we’ll be so much more than what we were before it started.

Now, whether you see that as a GOOD thing or a BAD thing is entirely YOUR CHOICE. (Yup, you know what I’m gonna say next..)

You get to CHOOSE which parts of this unique and interesting experience you focus your attention on.

Think about it..

Do you sit glued to social media absorbing every tidbit of fear-based ranting you can find? Are you obsessively counting each new “confirmed” case with a sense of doom?

And which platform(s) are you sourcing your facts from? Is it legit?

Because here’s the thing chaps..

What you ALLOW IN is going to influence your perspective.

No exceptions..!

And you CHOOSE what you allow in!

Maybe, this is a time for us to bring our focus inward. Get back to what’s really important.

Maybe, we can step back from the fear-based conversations that ramp up our anxiety (you know the one’s I mean..).

And just maybe, we can be more aware of how much what WE say, influences others too..

Essentially, it boils down to this.

We’re ALL in this together.

We literally have no control on how long this will last.

We’re ALL facing limitations on our physical freedom (for a bit, anyway..).

So whilst we may not control our physical surroundings for now,


And WHAT we think about.

I believe that this experience offers humanity an opportunity for a reboot.

What we’ve taken for granted for so long, we will soon treasure with a newfound appreciation.

(Yup, we may even rediscover life beyond our screens.. Imagine that!)

So there it is.

My two cents worth.

What do you choose? Fear? Or Love?

I know which I prefer..

Simple, right?