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You may have noticed that I often refer to myself as a “sensitive”.. So I thought I’d take a moment to clarify what my definition of that looks like.

Let’s assume we all have a range of emotions between 1 – 10 (where 1 = feeling very very bad and 10 = blissfully happy). Most people happily exist hovering between 4 and 6 and life ticks by. Ho hum…

I, on the other hand, use my FULL range. Yup, I head down to the lower levels of 1 and 2 fairly regularly. Conversely, I also head up to the top just as often.

But what it means in the real world, is that emotions that would normally feel mildly uncomfortable for most, feel super-uncomfortable for me.

As luck would have it, I grew up in a family where emotions were ridiculed. So I spent a lot of my younger years trying ever so hard to be different. Trying to NOT feel gutted and shredded when my best friend at school ignored me. Or stifling my wretched sobs when my father beat our dog who’d just dug a hole where he shouldn’t have.

Yup, I spent a whole lot of time trying NOT to be who I truly am.

I believed that if I could simply learn to not care, I’d feel better.

But we can never “learn not to care”. That’s absurd..

We can’t be what we aren’t either.

I can’t remember exactly when I finally realised that being sensitive can actually be a GIFT if I choose to see it that way. Because it is that. A Gift.

It allows me to FEEL. Good stuff and bad.

And that’s what the human experience is all about. FEELING…

So what’s changed for me since those early days?

Well, most importantly, I OWN my sensitivity..! (Yee-Hah!)

I’ve decided that it ROCKS to be sensitive..!

One of the biggest challenges we face as sensitives, is what we ALLOW IN. Which can be really tricky considering the sheer volume of information we’re bombarded with on a daily basis from the media/social media.

As sensitives, we’re more likely to attach to the plight of the underdog. And let’s face it, the underdog gets a LOT of coverage. HEAPS in fact.. Actively participating in that shit-storm can literally do me in..!

So I’ve learned to become selective,

VERY selective, about what I let in.

I choose media that INTERESTS me, where I’m not emotionally attached to a specific outcome.

I choose information that adds VALUE not FEAR.

I choose entertainment that’s funny, entertaining, intriguing and/or thought provoking.

So I won’t watch a movie where I know animals will be hurt/killed. Yes, I know it’s just a movie, but I know I’m not able to “unsee” an animal in pain. No matter how fictitious it is.. I’ll be left feeling awful.

Ditto psycho thrillers where physical and mental cruelty abide in abundance.

And the news? Just no..

I simply don’t go there. Because I can CHOOSE not to.

Here’s the thing: We are 100% responsible for the “cars that we park in our garage”.

If you’re sensitive to the sun, know that too much exposure will burn you, right?

WE decide what to focus on. Always.

It’s that simple…