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When I was a youngster, to be sitting idle was a BIG no-no..

In our house, if you were caught not doing anything, you were quickly given something to do. And it was never anything nice. Quite the opposite actually..

Which meant we were always feverishly trying to be busy. Doing anything. even if it wasn’t fun.

Yup, it was drummed into us all..

“Get busy!

Do something!

Work hard!”

Sound familiar? Uh-huh..

The result? We’re a society where TAKING ACTION is rewarded.

Yup, being busy is the norm.

“Me” time is rare and often tinged with guilt..

Burning the proverbial candle at both ends earns us admiration (apparently)..

60 hour working weeks are supposedly deemed as the pathway to success.

We focus ALL of our attention on WHAT WE DO…

Totally forgetting about WHO WE ARE..

Until now.

Yup, enter COVID-19.

And life as we know it, has been flipped on it’s head.

Most of us have been told to stay at home, to avoid public places, and not to socialize..

Suddenly, all those things that have “filled” our time, are gone.

And we’ve been forced into a position of INACTION (no, it’s not a swear-word).

Now, for many (if not most) people, being habitually busy is all about distraction. Yup, we stay manically busy to distract ourselves from potentially uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Those things we’d rather avoid..

But, when we’re focused entirely on matters OUTSIDE of us, we neglect the INNER self.

The result? Over time, we literally lose touch with who we are outside of our busy action-intensive lives.

Right now, we have the unique opportunity to shift that.

We’ve been afforded a “timeout” so to speak.

A period of time where we can consciously focus, for once, on HOW WE FEEL.


And yes, it’s going to be super-uncomfortable. For a bit.

It’ll be like learning to write with your other hand – initially awkward and undesirable, getting easier with time.

But, here’s my challenge to you: sit with the discomfort.

Have the courage to allow all those suppressed feelings to rise up, and flow through you.

FEEL them. OBSERVE them.

Because it’s the AWARENESS of them that allows you to PROCESS them.

And THAT’S how you get to let them go..

Remember, we are FEELING beings.

Emotions are our own inner guidance system. We’re MEANT to feel them. They’re what create all of our EXPERIENCES (the good and the bad).

And it’s through these experiences that we GROW and EXPAND.

Which is the whole point, isn’t it?

Simple, right?