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At a time in the world when most societies are in some form of lockdown, it’s been really interesting observing the varying behaviours and responses of individuals. Myself included.

To say that our fears are regularly triggered is an understatement. I’ve mentioned a few of my own over the past few weeks. And believe me, more will surface.

But what’s caught my eye of late, has been the keen observation of one neighbour over another.. The way we carefully watch who’s following the rules, and who isn’t..

And then it’s onto social media in a frenzy of “naming and shaming”. Gosh..!

Quite honestly, I don’t intend to spend time judging this. It’s neither right nor wrong.

But let’s ask the question:

when I focus my attention on how others are flouting rules, how do I feel..?

Now, your answer to that depends entirely on how you choose to judge this situation/event.

Their behaviour is wrong = low feeling emotions.

Their behaviour is their business = neutral to good feeling emotions.

I agree with their behaviour = good feeling emotions (possibly born from the validation of your own behaviour..?)

Again, I stress, NONE of the above responses are right or wrong. I’m only interested in how each response contributes to how we FEEL..!

Remember, we exist as HUMANS in order to have HUMAN experiences. And that involves using our FULL emotional range. Yup, good AND bad.

BUT, we get to CHOOSE how we respond to any event.

Yup, ANY event.

Which means that if we choose a response that feels bad, we have the ability to choose a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE that feels better. And that’s an INSIDE/OUT job.

In the example above, we don’t need anyone to change their behaviour in order for us to feel good. Doing so would be an OUTSIDE/IN approach. In this case, we simply need to change our perception or take a different approach.

In other words, if seeing people flouting rules boils our blood, we could choose not to watch. Yup, just stop. And focus on the stories of people doing things that match our criteria for feel-good vibes.

It’s. Your. Choice.

Here’s the thing: (yup, always a thing..)

We’re all UNIQUE.

We all have a UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE of life

and the world based on our own UNIQUE experiences.

My values and beliefs are as valid as yours.

Are they the same..? Probably not. But they’re true for me, and yours are true for you.

So maybe, just maybe, a little ACCEPTANCE of our differences

might go a long way to easing our blood-boiling observations.

ACCEPTANCE that we respond differently.

And always will.

Isn’t that how it’s meant to be?

Don’t you just LOVE being UNIQUE..?

I know I do..

Simple, right..?