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It’s no secret that I LOVE running. Especially on mountains.

But with that comes uphills. LOTS of uphills.

Which have never been my favourite thing.

In fact, I used to despise them. Really despise them..

Why? Because they required hard work. Effort. A lot of effort.

And I’d programmed my body and mind to dislike that feeling and idea. So hills were ALWAYS a slog..

Now, I’ve improved – both physically and mentally – over the years and so my dislike has lessened but never quite shifted into a “like”. And I’m ok with that.

But a few weeks ago, as I stood ready to start a run that involved a steady uphill run of 700m ascent over 5km’s, I decided to try something a little outrageous.

I decided to “radically shift my perspective” of how I approached a steep hill.

It made total sense! I talk about the power behind shifting our perspective ALL THE TIME.. So why not try it now?

Makes sense, right..?

So, how could I make the efforting it takes to run up a hill feel easier?

The image of an ocean wave breaking on a inclined beach came to mind. How the wave flows over the sand until the momentum ceases and then it retreats as another wave flows over it.

That feeling of surging forward as energy flowed through me felt quite interesting.

So gave it a go.

And I have to admit, I giggled at the bizarreness of the thought at first. Seriously, who ever considered flowing upward..??

Yet as I got into a rhythm, it became second nature to simply flow forward. And I began to time it with my breath. I imagined myself surging with every “out” breath.

Well, you may choose to roll your eyes here, but it really made a difference!

The whole journey to the top felt easier. And a lot less tedious..

And that, dear readers, is the POWER OF PERSPECTIVE.

Right there..!


I guess the point here is that choosing to change the way we see something doesn’t only apply to those dramatic and emotional areas of our life.

Nope, it’s a concept that we can apply anywhere. On anything.

Because how we see something is ALWAYS  our choice.

Which means we have the power to CHANGE what we feel uncomfortable about.


Simple, right?