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How do you feel about being ALONE..?

Does it scare you? Thrill you? Maybe it simply doesn’t bother you at all..

Me? Well I can react in any one of those ways. Depending on my emotional state in the moment.

And THAT’S what makes this topic so interesting.

Because it means that I’m fluid. I’m not specifically “this way” or “that way” inclined. Nope, my interpretation is entirely dependent on my current level of fear.

So if I’m feeling confident and relaxed, being alone is a thrill. I LOVE it. It’s time for me to simply BE. Without any concern for anyone else. Just me (yay!).

Yet if I’m in a state of fear (aka any version of low emotion), then I interpret being alone very differently. In these instances I’ll often find myself dipping into a victim-mentality and exploring the various reasons as to WHY I believe I’m alone.

“Alone” becomes “loneliness” which never ends well.

The point I’m trying to make here, is that it’s not whether we’re ALONE or not that’s the issue.

It’s HOW WE INTERPRET being alone that counts.

Make sense?

In a way, it’s bringing the power of the moment within, instead of letting something outside of us determine how we feel.

And what’s even more exciting,

is that interpretation is a CHOICE..!


And yes, I know, some of our fearful reactions are programmed really deeply into our minds. They feel automatic, like we can’t control them.

But, don’t be fooled. We can. If we truly want to.


In theory, maybe we can look at what’s going down in the world around us and apply the same logic.

Which means that things don’t necessarily have to change in order for us to feel better. Instead, maybe we can have go at interpreting it all a little differently.

Noticing HOW we observe, rather than WHAT we observe.

Are we observing as conscious creators? Or are we observing as victims?

Neither is wrong.

But each offers a very different experience.

So which do you choose?

Simple, right?