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Unless you’re new to my musings (or you live under a rock) you’ll know that running – in all forms – is one of my passions.

And so it was that just last week I found myself listening to a podcast on how hormonal changes can effect my running as I get older. As a woman on the edge of menopause, I was curious..

I won’t bore you with the details but as I listened to all of the “potential” changes we ladies can expect as our bodies move out of our reproductive phase, my mind wandered towards what the whole concept of Menopause (and ageing in general)  looks like from a slightly different perspective.

One that isn’t tempered by resistance and dread

One that isn’t focused on what we lose as we age..

Here’s my thinking..

99% of women view menopause as a sign of ageing. But then 99% of women don’t really want to age, do they? Hence the unending supply of creams, potions and miracle pills to “reverse” or “delay” the ageing process.

And it doesn’t help that ageing is sometimes referred to as a “disease” by the media (seriously..?).. That it’s something that we need to avoid, fix or cure.

So what if we approached this phenomenon as simply a NEW or DIFFERENT experience.

One that simply offers a SHIFT IN OUR PERSPECTIVE of how we experience life.


So, in the context of my running, it means that yes, my body will react differently to some of the food I eat,

allowing me an opportunity to try new ingredients, meal choices and cooking methods.

And if I want to keep my running ability at the same level, I’ll need to introduce some new features,

like strength training, natural supplements and conscious recovery.


Now for me, none of this feels bad. In fact, it’s simply a change.

Which I find interesting. And that feels GOOD..!

It offers a new perspective on something that can easily feel routine.

And if you think about it, isn’t that what each of the stages of life is really about?

Yup, each milestone offers the opportunity of seeing life through a new perspective.


We know that nothing stays the same. Ever.

We also know that everyone ages. No exceptions.

So common sense questions why we resist something that is inevitable? (Yup, to everyone..)

Surely it’s more pleasant to ACCEPT and lean into it?

To embrace this opportunity for a new physical experience?

Maybe it’s simply a programmed belief that only youth is attractive.

Maybe WE get to decide how we feel about grey hair and a few wrinkles.


Because ageing is not a curse-word.

Nor is it something to FEAR.

It’s simply a state of being.

How we experience it is ALWAYS going to be OUR CHOICE..

I know what I choose, how about you?