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Let’s be honest, we’re a society that LOVES to fix things.

And we’re all guilty.

If we’re not trying to fix ourselves, then we’re often caught trying to surreptitiously solve a loved one’s woes..

Yup, go on, admit it..

I felt the urge only this morning.

I’d decided to tackle one of my more challenging routes which involves a jeep track that winds slowly up a mountain. My habit is to run (aka stagger) 5km’s to the top and then “roll” back down with a little gravitational assistance..

And normally, with a bit of effort, I get to the top without stopping.

But not today.

The steepest bit is in the final km and by then it’s purely mind-over-matter (let’s just say that running that last part is what separates “the men from the boys”).

And it was as I reached this point that my body simply decided not today..! Which meant downgrading to a combination of walking 5 and running 15 (steps, that is).

No biggie, right?

Until my ego kicked in.

WHY was I feeling so flat? (lack of sleep? Nutrition? etc, etc..)

And (more importantly) WHAT could I do to remedy it..?? (Supplements? More sleep? etc, etc..)

Yup, the thoughts started swirling manically around my exhausted brain.


But it was when I’d reached the top and was perched on a rock looking righteously down the steep road I’d just conquered, that a new thought slipped quietly into my mind..

It’s OKAY to feel off-form sometimes. It really is..

And we can expand that to include whatever way “off-form” manifests in your reality.

Maybe it’s a bad mood. Or feeling ornery.

Maybe, for no particular reason, life just feels particularly heavy today.

The same reasoning applies.

Sometimes we just feel low.

So here’s a thought: instead of judging it as “wrong”, choose to simply ACCEPT it as your current experience of reality.

Allow the emotion to simply flow through you.

We don’t need to assign blame, nor is it a measurement of our VALUE, or WHO WE ARE.

We’re simply human beings experiencing and expressing human emotions.

Which is what we’re meant to do.

Experiencing our full range of emotions is how we get to truly KNOW OURSELVES. What we desire, and what we fear.

Can you see?

We don’t need fixing.

Because we’re NOT BROKEN..

Simple, right?