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These are uncertain times.

No-one can escape that.

As we look around and take stock of events unfolding around us, it’s difficult for most of us not to feel some level of anxiety about the future. Or the present, come to think of it..

And whilst uncertainty may seem like a bad thing for most, there is some benefit to it. If you’re prepared to broaden your perspective a little..


Uncertainty shows up when we don’t know what the future holds.

It’s that simple.

Now some people are ok with that. Not knowing what lies ahead can be a blessing for those who prefer to life in the moment.

On the other hand, if uncertainty creates feelings of FEAR, then feelings of anxiousness will prevail.

Just what level of anxiety we experience depends on just how much we depend on KNOWING what the future holds.

So, to simplify, if you’re feeling super-anxious right now, you’re VERY invested in how the future unfolds (and remember, that’s not a good or bad thing. Just a fact).


The thing is this:

We can’t (and never could) predict or control the future.

Which means that attaching any sense of relief or happiness to something we can’t control leaves us vulnerable to disappointment. And probably yet MORE fear.

So what’s the answer? Is there a way to feel better amidst this ongoing uncertainty?

Well, I have a few suggestions..

Firstly, take a moment to sit quietly and CONSCIOUSLY ACCEPT the current situation. In it’s entirety. 


Secondly, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change what’s happening “out there”. So instead, look at what you CAN control. Yup, you (absolutley) control what you FOCUS on.

And we know (without any doubt) that what we focus on directly influences how we feel. So be super-picky..!


And lastly, as much as possible, bring your attention into your present. Pay attention to what’s in front of you.

Engage fully in conversations.

Use ALL your senses when you enjoy your meals.



Yup, it can be that simple.. Right?