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If you’re a regular reader of my musings, you may have noticed that I’ve been promoting my new online course on OVERTHINKING by asking the question: “What does OVERTHINKING feel like to you?

Which is an odd phrase of words in one way, but absolutely spot on nonetheless.

Because in my world, THOUGHTS CREATE FEELINGS. End of story.

Which means that when I’m caught up in my head, there’s a LOT of feeling happening too. And most (if not all) of it is unpleasant.

And here’s why.

OVERTHINKING doesn’t exist on it’s own.

Nope, overthinking is simply a REACTION to fearful thoughts, ideas or experiences.

Just as some would react to fear by finding temporary solace in food or alcohol, some of us simply retreat into our overactive minds.

And then the obligatory and exhausting analysis begins..

If you’re anything like me, your mind becomes a whirling mass of mushy and chaotic scenarios and potential outcomes as every little detail of the triggering event gets meticulously picked apart.

And THAT THERE is the link I wanted to point out today.

OVERTHINKING is ALWAYS based in fear. No exception.

If you don’t believe me, think back to when you last found yourself overthinking HAPPY thoughts..?

Have you ever? Didn’t think so..

And this is GOOD news.

Because it means that if we look a little deeper at the fears that are triggering each “manic mind” episode, we’re a step closer to managing (and quietening) our busy brains.


Our PERCEPTION is what determines how we experience everything.

And FEAR is a perception.

Which means if we can begin to shift away from fear, it’s a given that our minds will ease too.

Yes, dear overthinkers, there is HOPE..!