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You know those days when your self-worth nose-dives into a bucket of sloppy tar? Well, I had one of those last week (yup, even me..).

Sure, I can blame the New Moon, or my fluctuating hormones, but in reality it was a day where everything just sucked donkey-balls. Simple.

Doubt set in heavily and I found myself questioning my relationships, my work, even my purpose! It felt as if every aspect of my reality was going nowhere. Fast.

If I’m honest, when I’m caught up in a (seriously) low vibing day, it’s almost impossible to understand (or even notice) any VALUE that’s being offered through this very experience. And because of that, it’s easy to beat myself up about how “I should know better”..

In this specific case, I’d allowed myself to get caught up in fear-based external debates, which I’d then internalised and subsequently created feelings of fear.

Of course fear doesn’t sit in isolation. Nope, it very quickly spilled over onto all of the different aspects of my reality (work, relationships etc.). SIGH!

I’ve mentioned before that I lean (rather heavily) towards being highly sensitive which means that it’s almost impossible for me to ignore or laugh-off a day of this nature.

I feel them INTENSELY and often show up emotionally battered and bruised for a day or two afterwards.

Which, as it turns out, is a pretty awesome thing.


Because that “hangover” always nudges me towards deep retrospect and understanding.

Which means that I get to take off my “actor’s hat” and don my “director’s hat”. In other words, I take a step back and quietly (and objectively) observe my reactive behaviour from the previous day.

Once I step out of “victim-mode” I’m able to better understand my triggers, and the fears behind them. From there it’s simply a choice as to whether I’m big, bad and brave enough to process the fear, or not.

Luckily, these kinds of days show up fairly rarely for me. What I DO know though, is that whilst they FEEL super-crappy at the time, if I’m prepared to stand in my truth and own my fears, these low-vibe experiences ALWAYS end up being a step-up towards a new, better feeling perspective.

Which confirms that even though we may hate them in the moment, these events have definite VALUE and are very NECESSARY.

Moving through fear-based experiences is how we GROW. It’s how we EXPAND beyond what we currently are.

Last week was my own huge personal reminder of just that!

GROWTH and EXPANSION are why we’re here in the first place.

Isn’t it?

Yup, it’s that simple..