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Don’t think for a minute that just because I’m a coach that i don’t experience the same fears and doubts as any other Joe on this crazy exciting planet of ours.

Take last week for instance.

It was Monday, and I sat at my laptop poised to begin “flowing” my bi-monthly musing when just like that, my laptop shut down. Then rebooted, briefly, and shut down again. This went on for a while before I accepted that something was desperately wrong.

I have a smidgeon of techie knowledge so I did what we’re supposed to do – removed/replaced the battery, changed power cables and ran the troubleshooter.


And so began my 3-day journey of vacillating between replacing it and fixing it.

Why 3 days I hear you ask?

Well, after my initial feelings of dismay and gloom (aka fear), a little voice (aka intuition) prodded me and suggested I use this as practice to ACCEPT and ALLOW…

Hell, why not I thought in resignation.

So I straightened my shoulders and proclaimed loudly well THAT was meant to happen! (refer to this previous post for an explanation on this)

Next step was to follow the breadcrumbs – which meant that I would allow the path forward to unfold WITHOUT trying to control it, and if I came up against any “resistance” I would shift in a new direction.

And I did.

When the laptop techie I was referred to stopped replying mid-conversation (text messaging) I simply looked for a new option.

When the checkout option on the website where I found the “perfect replacement laptop” threw up an error, I cancelled the purchase and paused to allow the next option to show itself.

Which, by that stage, was the contact details for another local techie genius. As it turned out, this particular chap was no longer “local” as he’d relocated to Thailand at the start of the pandemic.

He did however offer some sage advice and a few options (involving software) which – would you believe it – solved the problem! Entirely!

It was 3 days of intense research during which I learned more about software, hardware, new laptops vs refurbished laptops and my own abilities to resolve techie issues.

I’d gone a full 360 degrees, saved myself HEAPS of money, expanded my knowledge AND confidence, and ended up back where I started yet with a laptop that’s running better than ever!

I started this adventure feeling a mixture of DISMAY and GLOOM yet ended it floating on feelings of SATISFACTION and ELATION!

Every fearful event offers us some form of VALUE. This is proof of that!

And proof too that it’s HOW YOU PARTICIPATE with the fear that determines the outcome.

Which is a CHOICE!

So, a quick recap on this process:

Step 1 – ACCEPT

Step 2 – ALLOW

That’s it..

Simple, right?