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There’s been a fair amount of unrest and upheaval here in South Africa over the past week or so. Not surprisingly, it’s politically motivated so I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say there’s a lot of “old issues” that have risen to the surface and triggered a lot of fear.

I, personally, have no interest in politics so I choose not to engage in any aspect of this situation.

I’ve mused a lot in the past about being picky about what we “energetically allow into our reality” and this is a perfect example of just that. So whilst I’m completely aware of what’s going on, I’m simply not focusing my thoughts or energies in that direction.

And that’s simply my choice.

What’s been quite interesting though, is observing the different reactions from the many people I’ve encountered recently.

LOTS of different perspectives meaning LOTS of different theories and LOTS of different fears.

But here’s what really inspired this musing today..

The OLD version of me would have joined in the fear mongering and blaming. It’s what we humans often default to when our security is threatened.

But this time I’ve managed to hold my energy and OBSERVE. Without getting sucked into the drama. I’m also trying my best to withhold judgement (which is the bigger challenge).

Now this doesn’t make me better than anyone else, I’ve simply chosen a new/different experience.

And whilst that’s my right, so is it everyone else’s to experience this event in their own unique way.

Whether that’s from FEAR, or not.

You see, I believe and trust that each person’s “relationship” with this event is ultimately going to be of value for them, individually and collectively. Whether they choose to see it or not.

Every single event is an opportunity for growth. Whether in the moment or with hindsight.

And sometimes we need to let the dominoes fall where they will.

So I guess what I’m trying to spew out here, is that there’s no “gold standard” in how to respond/react in times like these. There’s only what feels right for each of us individually.

And when we can respect and value that within ourselves, it’s way easier to respect and value that within everyone else.

Without the need for condemnation and judgement.

It’s worth a try, right?